Why is Haomeng De home textile in Canada and not US?

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Textiles Canada, a Canadian-based textile retailer, is now selling Haomen De home fabrics in the United States.

TextilesCanada.com, the company’s website, said Haoméde, which means “light and airy” in Chinese, was inspired by an older American tradition of making clothing in America.

Haomén De is also the name of Haomene, a popular Canadian-born actress and singer.

“Haomén is a unique fabric and fabric designer with a vision for the future of the fabric,” Textiles’ founder and president, Stephen Wiebe, said in a statement.

“Our vision is to take the best features of Hauméde fabric and bring them to the Canadian market in a fabric that is uniquely American.”

Haomède is made from a polyester blend that has been used in traditional clothing since the 19th century.

It is the second home textile to be sold in the U.S. by Textiles. “The Haomés’ passion for the American craft of traditional American manufacturing has given them a unique insight into the fabric of our country,” Wiebbe said.

“We have a very high quality standard, and we want to bring that standard to Canadian consumers and to make their clothes look and feel as great as possible.”

Wieben said Haumés clothes are made in small batches using recycled and sustainably harvested fabrics, such as bamboo.

TextileCanada.ca, the website that launched Haomens website, noted Haomes garments are produced in a large factory in China, but the fabrics are sourced from local producers.

Haumèdes home textiles have a wide range of finishes, including satin, satin-on-white, satiny satin and natural fiber.

TextilsCanada.net, a site that sells Haomenes other home products, said the company is working to get its American label on its clothing.

“It’s a small but important step forward for Haomenos fabric,” said Textiles director of brand marketing and sales, Lisa Tabor.

“When we first started selling Haumes, it was a niche market in the US, but now it’s a global opportunity for consumers.”

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