Aussie home designer says she is tired of ‘fussy’ design

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YUHEN (Reuters) – Australian home designer Yue Hong said she was tired of trying to keep her designs from “fussy” Australians, with one critic calling her designs “fantastic” and another suggesting she was trying to “hide her racism”.

Yue Hong, who is also known for her designs for Chinese luxury brand Yuxing, has received praise for her latest work, which she said was inspired by her own experiences growing up in rural China, but some critics said it showed a lack of empathy.

Yue said the design for the home she created for her daughter in Beijing was not designed to hide her racism.

“This is not about me being racist,” she said in an interview.

“I’m not hiding it.

This is a message that comes from my own experience.

It’s not about the Chinese.”

Yue, who teaches a course on design at the University of Melbourne, said the message was “to show the difference between Chinese and white people and the difference in how they look”.

“It’s not just me that’s different.

It is the Chinese people,” she told Reuters in an exclusive interview.

Yues work is influenced by her experience growing up with her parents’ Chinese heritage in rural rural China.

Her father, an engineer, worked for the military during the Cultural Revolution in 1949 and her mother taught kindergarten for three years in the rural city of Chongqing.

“When I was little I had no idea how to dress, and I was always asked if I was dressed like the Chinese,” she recalled.

“In Chongqings clothes, the kids would come home with me.”

But she said her parents taught her how to find a “unique” way to dress.

She said she felt the message of her work was about how to not try to fit in, but how to be different and not “just look like everybody else”.

“When you try to do that, it can be a struggle because you can see it is very difficult for people,” Yue said.

One of the biggest challenges Yue faced was finding a way to get a sense of her daughter’s culture and how they dress.

“My first job as a young girl, I was working in a factory and I could not understand how the Chinese dress.

It was like they were trying to hide their culture,” she explained.

Yue started working with her daughter after she became pregnant and she started learning how to make dresses for her mother’s customers.

In 2015, she said she had to work in a sewing room in China where the dress industry was controlled by a government agency.

It was not until she returned home in the summer of 2016 that she realised the clothes were not for her.

But after spending more than three years designing the clothes, Yue decided to share them with her own daughter.

They now have four children.

Despite her work, Yues life in China has been hard.

During her visit to China in November, she had two strokes and was admitted to a hospital for two weeks with a high fever.

At one point she said the staff told her to be careful when they saw her because they were worried she might die.

After she was released, she went to Hong Kong and lived with her husband, who was in charge of the clothes.

She also met with Chinese diplomats, but the government was not happy with the way the children were treated.

Chinese officials were so angry with Yue, she decided to speak out.

On November 22, she posted a message on her Facebook page: “I am sorry to everyone who is being bullied in the Chinese state.

I’m doing this because I feel I have a right to be free, but I am not going to be silenced.”

Yues father is now living in Canada and she plans to return to Australia when her daughter is ready.

Australia has been a hot spot for Chinese immigrants since the 1980s, with Chinese expats increasingly choosing to stay in the country.

Since 2015, more than 2,000 Chinese people have been deported from Australia.

More: Australian immigration minister says more than 3,500 people have arrived in Australia since January

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