Australia’s best home textile companies

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Finest home textilters in the country, with more than 800 companies, have signed on to the new Australian Industry Group for Home Textiles.

The new group will aim to promote the best home textile companies across the country.

The group will also focus on key sectors such as textiles and furniture, and ensure there is strong, high quality product.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is one of the agencies overseeing the industry.ACCC commissioner Mary Dawson said she was delighted to see the industry get the backing it needed.

“Home textiles have been on the rise, and it’s really exciting to see these companies stepping forward and being part of this, and to be able to promote home textiling in Australia,” she said.

“It’s a great thing for our country, a great development for Australia.”ACCC is reviewing the group’s rules, which will allow the group to promote more companies.

“The groups policy will be developed by a committee chaired by the ACCC Commissioner, who will report to the Government and the Federal Government,” Mr Dawson said.

The ACCC’s chair is former Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner Peter Fahy.

“We look forward to seeing what the Government will bring to the table in the months ahead,” Mr Fahy said.