When it comes to your home decor, it’s all about the spectrum: textiles

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POLITICO Playbook The new home decor trend of the year is the spectrum.

Textiles are getting more popular in modern homes, but that trend is just getting started.

A recent survey of consumers by consulting firm Wistron found that 73% of Americans own a home in one of the three spectrum categories: classic, contemporary, and modern.

That’s up from 58% in 2016, and the number of households that own one of those categories increased by 2% over the same time period.

For consumers, the shift is clear: Textiles make up the majority of the home décor.

In 2016, 42% of respondents said they owned one of these styles.

And that number has been rising each year, up from 34% in 2015 to 39% in 2018.

For the past five years, the trend has been driven by an increase in home design in urban areas.

In urban areas, home design has been getting more and more upscale and commercial, with more of the attention being paid to making rooms as functional as possible.

Home décor is also more expensive now than it has ever been.

That makes buying home furnishings and home decor more expensive, especially for the middle class.

A typical family earning $75,000 annually pays $1,600 for a home décor in the mid-2020s.

By 2030, that figure is $3,800.

And the trend is likely to continue, as consumers get more comfortable buying home items online, especially if they have a higher income.

For more on home decor trends, check out these stories: Home décoration trend: What you need to know About home decor and the spectrum The shift toward modernism in the home is likely also related to the increase in homeownership.

According to a 2017 study by the Pew Research Center, 40% of households in the United States own at least one home in a traditional home.

But only 25% of that group owns a home with a modern or contemporary design.

This shift also has been taking place across the board.

While the number in the middle of the spectrum has increased, the number at the end of the spectra has remained flat or declined.

The reason for this is because people are buying more modern homes.

A 2016 study by Pew Research found that the number among households in households earning $40,000 or less went up to a record high of 36% in 2021.

And this year’s numbers are expected to continue to grow.

The new trend in the house has also been reflected in home decor.

More and more consumers are opting for modern furnishings, especially with the rise of Instagram.

In 2017, more than a third of Americans (36%) said they use Instagram to post photos of their homes.

This figure jumped to nearly half (49%) last year.

For home decor aficionados, this trend is a major trend that is likely just beginning to spread.

There is also a growing trend toward digital homes, where more and so many people are opting to build their own homes digitally rather than buying them from a homebuilder.

This trend has also taken place among consumers who are looking for a bigger home, which can make home decor a more viable option.

For these and other reasons, the spectrum is likely one of home decor’s most popular categories.

How to tell if your home has a spectrum: spectrum type: Modern Modern contemporary modern spectrum type for your home spectrum type is your home’s design.

It is a type of home where modern features are incorporated into the design.

Spectrum type for the spectrum type of your home is the kind of home you own.

Spectrum for spectrum type your home.

Spectrum of home spectrum types spectrum type Your spectrum type depends on where you live.

The more diverse your home, the more diverse the spectrum of home.

There are a few different types of spectrum types: spectrum types that are used to define a home, such as modern, contemporary and modern; spectrum types used to describe a home or an area, such a neighborhood, town, or neighborhood; and spectrum types for a particular style, such modern, traditional, and contemporary.

The type of spectrum in a home depends on the type of people living in the area, the size of the community, and how it is used in a given neighborhood.

The most diverse spectrum in the country was found in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, where 70% of homes have a spectrum type that includes the word modern.

A more diverse spectrum type includes a lot of different styles.

A modern modern modern Modern contemporary Contemporary Modern Traditional Traditional Traditional Contemporary Contemporary Modern Contemporary Modern Modern Contemporary Contemporary Contemporary Traditional Traditional Modern Modern Modern Traditional Modern Contemporary Traditional Contemporary Modern Classic Modern Modern modern Modern Modern Classic contemporary Modern Contemporary modern Modern Contemporary contemporary Modern Modern classic Modern Modern timeless modern Modern timeless classic Modern timeless Classic modern Modern classic modern Modern vintage Modern vintage Contemporary contemporary classic modern Classic contemporary Contemporary modern Contemporary contemporary Contemporary contemporary vintage Modern classic classic Modern classic timeless Classic classic Modern Vintage Classic modern classic Vintage vintage

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