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With the Christmas season just around the corner, fashion house brands are making the transition from the mall to the street.

In fact, brands like Gap and Levi’s are starting to re-think the retail model by turning their home stores into retail outlets.

While some of the major fashion houses are embracing the idea of making their home-grown stores more casual and intimate, some of their most prominent designers and designers are keeping their options open for their fans.

That’s because they’re really interested in their fans, and their fans are really into their brands, said Kate DiClemente, an author and fashion critic for the online fashion website StyleBliss.

“I’ve always had a deep respect for the fashion world,” DiClementse said.

“I think that’s where fashion has always been.

There’s no such thing as an ‘exclusive.'”

So, yes, the brand is doing the same thing as Macy’s, for example, where they have a very exclusive, well-defined brand.

And, of course, they have to keep their fans in mind,” DiCsorte said, adding that brands are also keeping in mind the new realities of digital media.

For example, DiCLeses said that brands like the New York-based fashion house Forever 21 are looking at their online presence and creating more social media accounts.”

For example… we had a Twitter account, a Instagram account, and now we have an Instagram account for our stores,” she said.

While this has been an interesting transition, DiCslemente also noted that brands have to be careful when it comes to their online experience.”

It’s really important to keep that in mind, especially for designers.

They want to have a really authentic experience.

They are looking to really connect with their fans,” she added.

While DiClnesses point is the same for most of the world, DiDietes opinion is that this will only work for a limited number of brands.”

You have to have that big, bold name.

If you don’t have that, it’s just going to be a little bit like the internet and it’s going to get a little crazy,” she told CNN.

So what do you think of the trend for fashion houses to open their home shops and open their stores in malls?

Let us know in the comments below.

Read moreCNN style editor Stephanie Rabin-Lee contributed to this report.

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