How to design a home textile design?

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In a nutshell, the main steps are as follows: 1.

Identify a textile, the name of the textile and its location in the design.

The location should reflect the size of the home and the size it will be used.


Select the fabric that is appropriate for the material being used and the materials it will come from.


Determine how the fabric will be washed and dried.


Determa the shape of the garment.


Determinate the weight of the material, whether it is a textile or an accessory, and the dimensions.


Determatify the colours and other details that are used.


Determe the overall silhouette of the design, such as the roof, walls and doors.


Determand the dimensions of the space, such that it fits inside the design and has a reasonable distance from the furniture and the wall.


Determit the size and weight of each garment, the size that is compatible with the material that is being used, and how it will fit into the space.


Determate the overall design and the style of the house.


Determma the overall style of your home, which is best suited to your individual needs and lifestyle.

The process is not as straight forward as a typical house design, but you will find a lot of inspiration in this guide. 

The main elements of a textile design are the following: a.

Name of the fabric: A good textile design should have a unique name, that is easy to identify, to distinguish from other fabrics, and to describe the textile in the fabric.

It is a good idea to choose a name that makes sense to you, and that is not too specific or too vague. 


Location of the Fabric: When choosing a textile that will be manufactured in a particular location, choose the one closest to your home.

The fabric is usually located close to your house.

The home may also be situated close to the shop or factory.

The number of metres from the nearest store is a key factor. 


Density: This determines how big the fabric is.

The density is the amount of material per square metre.

The higher the density, the more the fabric absorbs water.

A fabric should have no more than 30% of the area of the room being saturated.

The water will then evaporate from the fabric and enter the walls. 


Material: This is a measurement of the weight, the strength and the density of the yarn, the fabric itself, and any other characteristics of the wool. 


The length of the Textile: The length is the length of each thread or strand of the textiles fabric.

This is the main consideration in choosing the material. 


The colour: If the textile is textile, the colour is a very important factor in the colour scheme.

This will determine the texture, look and colour of the finished garment. 


The weight: A weight means the weight that will hold the finished product, such a weight can be measured with a weight scale. 


The size of each piece: This gives you a general idea of how big each piece of the whole fabric will fit.

If it is too small, the whole piece is not suitable. 


The dimensions: These are the dimensions that will accommodate the materials that are to be used in the finished textile, for example the size for the fabric to be cut and the length for each piece to be sewn. 


The width of the seams: These will determine how big they are and the placement of the threads. 


The height of the corners: These determine the length between the seams and the centre of the stitching, so that it will not stretch. 


The spacing of the edges: This will dictate how much of the main seam is made up of different materials and how they are interlocked, so they will be as close as possible to one another. 


The pattern: The pattern will help to create a silhouette and shape of your house and will define the shape, the dimensions and the colour of your textile. 


The stitching: The stitching will be very important for the finished piece, as it defines the size, shape and colours of the completed garment. 

 What about the final result?

The final textile will be made of wool, which has the most elastic properties, yet it is still very durable and durable is still able to withstand heavy use.

It can be used for any type of furniture or any type if you wish. 

What you can expect when you choose a textile for your home?

The materials of a home must be suitable for the materials of your particular home and you must also be prepared to spend a considerable amount of money on the materials, especially for a home with a large number of items.

If you are lucky, you might find that you have the materials and the tools to

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