Why is the Chinese government denying textile exports to India?

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Posted by The Hindu on Friday, January 23, 2020 12:24:22The issue of textile exports has been a sore point in the bilateral ties between India and China, which have been at loggerheads since India banned textile exports from the country in September 2017.

The Indian government has been pressing for the Indian government to take the matter up with the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

On Thursday, India announced that it would halt textile exports.

It said it would only do so on the basis of a national law, which does not specify that India has to ban exports.

India and China signed an agreement in 2013 to ban textile exports, and the agreement was later revoked by the Chinese.

This meant that there were some limited textile exports between the two countries.

Since then, there has been no formal ban on the export of textile products.

The government in India has taken a hard line against the sale of any textile products made in India, including clothes, jewellery and footwear.

In February 2017, the government had ordered the government of Bihar to take steps to ban all textile exports by the end of this year.

On January 3, the Indian Ministry of Shipping announced that the government was cancelling the exports of garments, footwear, shoes, clothes, footwear and clothing accessories.

The move came after a survey conducted by the Ministry of Industrial Policy and Promotion found that a significant number of Indian textile workers were leaving the country for China.

The decision came in response to the Indian authorities’ repeated requests for measures to control the import of textile goods from China.

The move by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi came after the government in Delhi asked China to halt the sale, import and export of Indian cotton products.

The Prime Minister had earlier ordered the Indian Government to ban the import and sale of cotton and textile products from China, as well as the use of Indian flags, and said the move was to curb the spread of illegal trade of goods and services between the countries.

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