Diva Home Textiles & Shoes: “It’s all about the comfort”

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The Diva home textile and shoes line is the newest addition to the line of home textile products, which also includes a range of underwear, socks and underwear accessories.

The brand is a nod to the Diva family’s roots in New Zealand.

The first line of products, introduced in March, was named after the legendary New Zealand diva Diva.

A product description from the brand reads, “With the Divas classic, it’s all in the comfort.

The Divas iconic, comfortable, classic, soft, breathable, and comfortable silhouette and breathable material make it a no-nonsense staple of every home.”

It also offers a line of accessories and handbags, as well as an assortment of styles to choose from.

The line includes three products, all of which are designed to help keep a “breathable, warm and comfortable feeling.”

The Divans traditional and retro styles are also included.

The company says the new line is “made from natural materials and is designed to be comfortable to wear for any day.”

The line is priced at $59.99 per pair, with a 30-day money back guarantee.

The new line includes: The Divababy and Divabawhite fabrics, a range from the Divababies most popular line, and a range that features a wide range of styles, including: Divabababy cotton blend fabric, Divabawa wool blend fabric and Divawawhites cotton blend fabrics.

The top and bottom fabric options are made from the same material.

The products also include: Divabi yarns, Divabe fabric yarns and Divabe cord yarns.

It is not clear if the new Diva line includes a new range of shoes, but a statement from the company on Instagram says that it “will be bringing our popular footwear to the marketplace with the launch of a new line.”

The new Divababa and Divabawa fabrics are designed for comfort.

“The new Divas brand will feature the best quality fabrics available, with the Divascababia brand in collaboration with the top brands in the UK, the USA and the Philippines,” the brand’s statement says.

It also says the brand is adding to its footwear line by bringing in footwear from the best designers around the world.

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