Alessandro Del Piero ‘bought’ the Sky home textile

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Alessandro del Piero has revealed that the Italian striker purchased the Sky Home textile for €30m from French textile company, Comme des Garçons.

Del Piero was quoted by Gazzetta dello Sport as saying: “I was the one who bought the shirt, I bought it for a million euros.”

According to Del Pierolos source, Commes house textile company was not involved in the purchase of the shirt.

“I bought it because it was the only shirt I was interested in, not because it is the only one,” he said.

“There were lots of other good home shirts, but I wanted something different.”

Del Pieroloes agent, Giovanni Gaudiano, has been quoted as saying that Del Pieros shirt was “sold on a day when a new season began” and “delivered for a price of 30 million euros” after Del Pieromos manager, Alessandro De Marchi, bought it from Comme for a reported €30 million.

The Sky Home shirt has not been worn by the Italian in a competitive match since March, but Del Pierotos squad were expected to return from a three-week vacation with the shirt at home in the coming weeks.

The Italian striker has scored nine goals in 13 appearances this season, scoring once against Olympiacos and scoring another in the Champions League final against Real Madrid, before he was substituted with an ankle injury.