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Women fashion home cloths in Afghanistan, Pakistan

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Women fashion homes in Afghanistan and Pakistan are a rarity, but they do exist.

One woman living in a Kabul home with two daughters told Axios that she had seen at least 20 women’s clothing shops, a trend that has only increased in the last two years.

“The trend is to go for a modest look and not try to go with too much of a trend,” she said.

“For me it’s just to make sure that everything is very modern and well made.”

Some of the shops in Kabul sell mostly traditional Afghan cloths, such as Afghan pakistani cotton, with a few items imported from overseas, including a selection of Western knitwear.

“We sell mostly Western knit, so if we want to try something different, we’ll go to the tailor and get them a custom knit,” she explained.

The Afghan women’s clothes market is a growing market, with prices rising by as much as 20 percent each year in Kabul alone.

But for the women living in Kabul, there’s little they can do to protect themselves against the rise in prices.

“They [the shops] only help them to cover their living expenses, so it’s very hard,” she told Axio.

“I hope I can help them so that they can get a good living and a normal life.”

Afghan women in Kabul’s market, which she owns with her husband, buy a selection from the collection of clothing at a small stall.

Source: Axios/Pranjan Khadim/Shahzad Qadri

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