How to find a great sweater

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It’s easy to see how this article has taken on a life of its own.

“I have to go in there and pick up a sweater, which is great because it means I can put it on in the morning, I don’t have to wear it in the afternoon, and I don, too,” says Evteks.

Evteks says that she finds the process of finding a perfect sweater much more relaxing than a traditional seamstress.

If you’re a casual sweater wearer, Evteys advice is to keep it simple and try to pick up at least one garment a week.

That way you’re able to wear whatever is most comfortable to you.

For a more formal or designer sweater, you can go to a tailor and get the fit done.

Then, Evtessews suggestion is to pick a pair of knitted sweaters that are long enough and short enough that you can wear them for up to two weeks without breaking a sweat.

The goal here is to not over stretch the sweater, and to try to find garments that work with your body.

To learn more about the sweater process, check out the infographic above.

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