Textile manufacturer Textil’s India home products ‘delight’ customers

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Textil India is the latest Indian textile company to launch home textile products in the United States.

The company announced the launch of a line of textiles in collaboration with Kwik Sock, the first and only women-owned and operated sewing studio in the U.S. The line of 100-piece home textil, called KwikSock, comes in three colors, and it will be available to order in stores and online beginning in the third quarter of 2018.

The new line of Textil products includes a range of textile goods including socks, pants, hats, jackets, shirts, and underwear.

The socks are made from cotton textiles with a special fiber called “binder,” which has a stronger stretch and can hold the socks up longer.

The pants have a softer fabric with a more stretchy inner lining that makes them easier to wear.

The line of Kwik socks is made from polyester textiles made with a high-quality yarn called “Lilac,” which is the softest of all textiles.

It’s also known as the “sock of destiny” because it’s one of the most durable fibers in the world.

The brand also makes the KwikHair, a lightweight yarn for men that has a more supportive and breathable feel.

“Kwik socks have been a part of my life for over a decade and are the perfect addition to our home fabric line,” said CEO and co-founder Ramita Singh.

“We are thrilled to partner with K-Sock to bring the finest and most innovative fabrics and designs to the home.”

The new product line is a joint venture between Kwik and Textil.

The Kwik brand was created in India in the 1980s to provide quality home textiling, and Kwik has been growing steadily in popularity since then.

In 2018, Kwik launched the K-socks line, a line that offers women-made textiles that are both affordable and durable.

Kwik also offers a range to men and women.

The range includes knit and crochet textiles for men and knit and knit fabric for women.

Kwik’s product line will include a variety of different styles, fabrics, and colors.

“With the launch in India, we are now expanding our offerings and making the KwiSocks line available in our own stores and on our website,” Singh said.

“Our goal is to provide the best quality home fabrics and products to our customers and partners, as well as help create a vibrant and growing brand that can help bring the home textile revolution to the United State.”

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