What we know about the drought and how it impacts you

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It’s not exactly a perfect storm. 

But this one is.

The weather pattern has been pretty consistent, but not always perfect. 

We’re getting a lot of rain and we’ve got a lot more moisture.

The dry weather is the result of the El Niño, which has been strong across the Pacific and in the equatorial Pacific. 

 “This drought is a really big deal,” said Mark Ritchie, a professor at the University of Colorado and a scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 

The drought affects us all. 

But it’s particularly devastating for farmers, who are struggling to keep up with a growing demand for meat, eggs and dairy products. 

There’s also a lot at stake in this drought. 

This year, more than 7 million acres of land have been declared as arid, meaning the amount of moisture it can hold is much less. 

A big part of this drought is due to a change in the way the ocean absorbs CO2. 

Since CO2 has a half-life of about 5.5 billion years, the amount it can absorb in a year depends on how long it has been in the air. 

That means that if you’ve got an ocean-to-air temperature difference of about 20 degrees, the ocean will absorb a lot less CO2 than it would if it had stayed on the surface. 

“It’s not a bad thing,” Ritchie said. 

So, in this case, it’s good news for us. 

We’re getting that little bit more CO2, and it’s making us all more resilient to climate change. 

However, the drought also means that we’re going to have to adjust to a lot fewer trees and plants. 

When it rains, the trees and shrubs that can be grown on land, like pine and spruce, can start to die off. 

And that means we’re missing out on some of the important plants that are essential to the lives of many of our plants.

“We are really seeing a huge loss of forest cover,” said Steve Smith, director of the Center for the Study of the Earth at the U.S. Geological Survey. 

As a result, plants like coffee, beets and peas are disappearing from the food supply. 

Another loss is for the plants that provide nutrients to the soil. 

These include soil and water-dwelling organisms that help the plants keep themselves alive. 

For instance, those nutrients help the soil to hold water, keep the soil moist and absorb carbon dioxide. 

By contrast, if the soil was saturated, those plants could die off and the plant food source could dry up. 

While it may not seem like a huge deal to a gardener, it has a huge impact on food production. 

Farmers are already seeing a drop in production, and they’re starting to worry that it will be too late to recover. 

On a national scale, a significant portion of the country is also losing its arid lands. 

Ritchie said the drought has hit farmers hardest, and some states are seeing their arid zones become drier than normal. 

In Colorado, for instance, about 70 percent of arid land is already in danger of becoming arid. 

At the same time, more and more farmers are finding themselves struggling to survive in a region that was already a very dry one. 

It’s also creating a big mess in the state’s reservoirs. 

Over the past several years, more Colorado reservoirs have been filling up.

That means that they’re holding water for a lot longer, and that means more water is being drawn into them. 

Right now, the state has about 6.6 billion gallons of water in its reservoirs.

But in the coming weeks, it may be lower. 

Because it’s going to be a long summer, there’s a lot going on in the Colorado River Basin. 

Now that it’s more than halfway through, water is flowing in at a rate that’s going far faster than it did last summer, which is making it hard for the river to hold back the runoff that’s happening from agriculture. 

If that water is not held back by farms and other plants, the rivers will run out of water very fast. 

According to Ritchie and Smith, this drought could actually be the tipping point for the entire river basin. 

With more water coming in and the river running out of control, the entire basin will become vulnerable. 

(AP Photo/Michael Reynolds)This could happen sooner than you think. 

Just a few weeks ago, a study from the University and the University’s Institute for Water Research predicted that, over the next 50 years, this is when the river system could become extremely vulnerable to a major drought.

That could lead to a collapse of water management, which would lead to flooding and destruction. 


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