What is a White Supremacist?

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The American Heritage Dictionary defines white supremacy as a system of racial discrimination that aims to maintain the domination of white people over others.

A white supremacist, by contrast, is a person who is prejudiced against whites.

In the U.S., white supremacists include a small number of violent extremists who have been labeled as such by authorities.

Some extremists have been convicted of crimes, including assault and kidnapping, while others have been acquitted.

But in general, the majority of white supremacists are violent and hate non-whites.

White supremacists often hold racist beliefs about minorities, including African Americans, Asians, and Jews.

But they also tend to hold similar beliefs about whites, with most identifying as white and mostly believing white people have always oppressed minorities.

Here’s a look at some of the main characteristics of white supremacy:1.

White supremacy is a political ideology, not a religious or cultural belief2.

White supremacist ideologies often focus on race and white supremacy, while most other white supremacist ideologies do not3.

White nationalists believe whites are the dominant race, and non-white races are inferior or inferior to whites.

They also believe that white people are inherently superior to all other races4.

White Supers also believe white people need to be dominant over other races in order to preserve their white identity5.

White people are the natural enemies of non-Whites6.

White nationalist ideologies often promote racial purity, which often includes white supremacy.

The word “purity” refers to the purity of an individual or group.

The purity of the group, however, does not necessarily mean that it is pure or purer than other groups.7.

White nationalism is based on a “white man’s world,” which includes the United States and Europe8.

White supremacism has a strong nationalist element9.

White extremists often seek to establish a white ethno-state through genocide and ethnic cleansing10.

White power is not limited to violent white supremacists.

White extremism includes violent racial, ethnic, and sexual violence against women and girls.

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