Why you should buy Casaluna Home Textiles

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Casalunas Home Textile is the latest home textile supplier to be taken over by the company behind the infamous “Bojack Horseman” series of films. 

“I am proud to be partnering with Casalunnas, the world’s leading textile company, to create an all-new home textile line based on our renowned heritage,” Samuel D’Amato, President and Chief Executive Officer of Casaluas, said. 

D’Amatos home textile business has long been synonymous with the iconic “Bogota Kid,” and the new line will incorporate a new look with the goal of making home textile as iconic as the original series. 

The new line is called “Home Textiles: A New Era,” and will debut in the spring. 

Casaaluna’s new line includes two new fabrics: Casaluna “B” textiles are made from cotton, and are intended for indoor use and for children ages 6-13. 

Casualwear retailer Sakurako is also in the process of adding new home textile fabrics. 

Saki will debut in June. 

Bojacametel is the official home textile brand of the US Men’s National Team, and the US Soccer Team. 

Its apparel will also feature the iconic “Bojak” symbol. 

Homer’s home textile company is currently expanding into new categories such as “home” and “furniture.” The brand is currently on a two-year licensing deal with the US Army and will begin selling a home textile called “Merry Christmas” in July. 

This home textile is designed for the US Army and will feature the “M” and the “C” patterns on the front. 

Also in the pipeline is the “Merry” home textile which is intended for the US Military. 

There are also new cotton home textile and textile fabric offerings for the home textile industry, the home textile company has said. 

Home Textile also recently launched a new line of “home-grown” home textilators. 

It will use the Merry Holiday motif for its home textile. 

 The company will be launching its new line in the US next year. 

For more information on Casaluns home textile products, check out the company’s press release below. 

Photo Credit: US Department of Defense Department of Defense

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